$50 for 50 Days: Match Challenge

  • $1,135


  • $10,000


About this Cause

CrossWinds is excited to announce the launch of the "$50 for 50 Days: Match Challenge," a fundraising initiative designed to maximize community impact. The challenge was inspired by a generous donation during the agency’s recent open house, where a community member handed a staff member a $50 bill, challenging the agency to make the most of it. Starting on March 12 and running through May 1, the first day of Mental Health Awareness Month, the challenge invites community members to donate $50 to support their chosen county, department, program, or cause. Options include Outside Counties (Chase, Coffey, Greenwood, Morris, Osage, or Wabaunsee), Adult Services, Crisis Services, Residential Facilities, Children's Programming, Therapeutic Preschool, Medication Clinic, Lyon County Therapy Services, El Centro Hispano de CrossWinds, Gateway, Staff Appreciation, and donations to be used at Agency Discretion. CrossWinds aims to amplify the impact of each $50 donation by stretching it as far as possible in improving the mental wellness and whole-body health of our communities. To participate in the "$50 for 50 Days: Match Challenge" and support CrossWinds in their mission, please visit [donation links] to make your contribution. Your $50 can change lives. Join the challenge and support mental health services for all!

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